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Rose City Blues

What is Rose City Blues?

Rose City Blues is an annual blues dance event held in Portland, OR. We feature amazing blues instructors, great live acts, DJs that will keep you dancing through the night, and competitions with prizes like never before.

This event is a non-profit, community-developed event. We will hold community meetings to ensure that folks from all corners of our community can contribute their voice to the process of selecting our offerings. If you have ideas you’d like to share, please email us at

This event is brought to you by the Portland Blues and Jazz Dance Society, a local non-profit dance organization.

Who do I contact for help?

For general inquiries, email
For registration questions, email
For donations, email
For teaching or workshop-related questions, email
For music (DJ or live-act) inquiries, email
For housing, email
For volunteering, email
For merchandise questions, email
For website issues, email

Blues Dancing

What is blues dancing?

Blues initially evolved in casual dance communities, shaped from a desire to express the soul of the music from which we take the name of the dance (blues!). Due to the decentralized nature of the dance's origins, folks tend to have their own definition of what, exactly, the dance happens to be.

In general, blues is a free-form style of social dancing that relies more on the connection with one’s partner than on having a set pattern of movements both (or all) participants know. Through this emphasis on a strong capacity to connect and communicate, dancers are given the freedom to turn their dance into a conversation, and from there, an unparalleled freedom of expression. Blues music itself contains an immense range of emotions, and blues dancing has the capacity to convey the same through partnered movement: from small and somber to big and celebratory, and everything in between.

For more information, we recommend the following pages: Wikipedia entry,, For Blues Dancers, Blues in Heidelberg.

Where can I find more blues dancing in Portland?

PB&J hosts a weekly blues dance every Tuesday, aptly named Tuesday Blues. You can find out more information on this and other PB&J events at

The Portland Blues & Jazz Dance Society (PB&J)

What is PB&J? What is your mission?

PB&J is a Portland-based 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to spreading the love of blues dance. Our mission statement is as follows:

The Portland Blues and Jazz Dance Society (PB&J Dance Society) exists to create a safe, sustainable, and vibrant Blues and Jazz dance community through the free exchange of ideas, utilization of community knowledge, and promotion by example. PB&J Dance Society seeks to reignite public interest in partnered dancing and grow Blues as a dance form through the exploration of various styles of movement and promotion of both solo and partnered social dancing.

Why does being a non-profit matter?

Because community involvement and support matters. It's important that events are driven by the common interests of the community, not just one or two people.

Because how your money is spent matters. Every dollar of our event is being fed back directly into you – our community – and the thing you love to do – blues dance.

Because dedication to the blues community matters. Our mission is to grow Blues as a dance form. Our clear dedication - exemplified by our non-profit status - matters to the success of this event and to the strength of our community.


What kinds of donations are you looking for?

We're looking for donations of all kinds. Food and beverages (especially coffee!) and paper goods (napkins, cups and the like) are always needed. Donations of clipboards, paper, and other office supplies as well as advertising services (such as flier printing) are also wonderful. We also greatly appreciate monetary contributions, which allow us to lower costs and increase scholarships.

Are donations tax-deductible?

Yes! Any donation made to Rose City Blues is completely tax deductible.

I'm interested in contributing. Who do I talk to?

For scholarship donations, please send an email to

For food, supply, or other donations,
please send an emial to

Payment & Registration

How much does this event cost?

Full weekend passes, including 12.5 hours of instruction, will begin at $159 and go up to $225 depending on how many passes have already been sold. In the same manner, dance only passes will begin $65 and go to $90.

Is there any way to reduce the price?

Volunteering can reduce the price of admission. Email for more details.

There will also be partial scholarship opportunities for dancers seeking to take workshops, but cannot afford to do so independently. Please contact with questions.

You can also reduce the cost of your trip by seeking local, free housing (sign up through registration or email with questions).

What are the scholarship opportunities?

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the Portland Blues and Jazz Dance Society (PB&J) is dedicated to spreading knowledge about blues dancing and to supporting dance competition. As a part of PB&J, Rose City Blues is able to extend significant scholarships to those otherwise unable to participate.

Rose City Blues is able to offer up to twelve (12) workshop passes for low-income dancers dedicated to furthering their training in blues dancing. Scholarship recipients will pay $65 (the cost of a dance-only pass) and receive a full weekend pass. There will be an option for registrants and other interested patrons to donate to our scholarship fund. Every $134 raised allows Rose City Blues to offer one additional scholarship. There is no limit to the number of scholarships which may be offered. Any donor contributing $50 or more will have the option to be recognized for their generosity. Donations are accepted during the registration process or anytime after your registration is completed. If you would like to contribute, but aren’t going to be registering for this event, please contact us at

Dancers applying for scholarships are required to fill out an application explaining their financial need, their current experience and training as a blues dancer, and what motivates them to attend the weekend workshops at RCB. Scholarship recipients will be expected to attend a minimum of seven out of ten workshops through the event.

All questions and concerns, and individuals potentially interested in applying for the scholarship, should contact

Where can I register?

We are still in the planning stage, and will open registration as soon as possible. Please keep an eye on our registration page, or follow us on Facebook.

What is your refund policy?

Unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds. You are welcome, however, to transfer your pass to another participant.

How do I transfer my pass?

Before October 26th, you should be able to transfer your pass via OpenDance, where you registered.

On and After October 26th, we may no longer be able update our database with your transfer. The purchaser will need to present evidence of transfer upon check-in at RCB. We suggest sending an email from the original registrant to with the purchaser CC'd in the following format:

----------------------- SAMPLE EMAIL-----------------------
Dear RCB Team:

I have sold my [lead or follow] [type of pass] to [purchaser's full name].
I release my spot to [purchaser's full name] effective [date].

[Original RCB Registrant Full Name]

The purchaser should print out this email and bring it with him/her to check-in at RCB. Note that the purchaser will be looking for a registration packet under the original RCB registrant's name. Without this email, we will not let someone pick up a registration packet without ID that matches the name in our database.

Workshop Details

I am a new/inexperienced dancer. Is there a place for me at this event?

Yes! After a full weekend of dancing, you will be amazed by the increase in your comfort and ability!

I am an experienced dancer. Is there a place for me at this event?

Yes! We plan to have self-filtering classes, in longer time blocks, to be taught at a higher experience level. Our instructors know that advanced students want to be challenged and will be teaching their classes with that in mind. We look forward to giving you instruction that pushes you! Look for more on our Class Information page.

What will the rest of the classes be like?

Aside from the special solo, competition, or self-filtering classes, general classes will be targeted toward intermediate dancers, and will focus on fundamental blues partner dance technique. We will be providing more information on our Class Information page in the near future.

Will there be private lessons available?

Definitely! You can sign up during registration for private lessons from any of our team of instructors. There will also be able to access your registration online and add private lessons up to two weeks before the event date. There will be opportunity to sign up the day of the event, but instructor availability is likely to be limited.

Does RCB sponsor a camp before the event?

No, but Brenda Russell and Dancemode hold one the week leading up to the event. Information on that can be found here.

Competitions Prizes and Other Dance Scholarships

Why are you holding competitions?

The Portland Blues & Jazz Dance Society is a sports non-profit, as such competition is a component of our core required activities. More than just a requirement, however, we feel friendly competition motivates the blues scene to progress its dance skill and gives participants a sense of achievement. Competition is also a means through which PB&J can provide scholarships as prizes.

Prizes are scholarships?

Yes! Competitions require competitors to display a level of mastery of blues dance and dance performance, implying a devotion to furthering their own abilities and the dance itself. While not a perfect means of distribution, we intend these prizes to act as scholarships to further competitors' education in blues and jazz dances.

Who is eligible to compete?

All those who are not instructors are eligible to compete. Entrance will be $10 per person per comp. You can register for competitions at the event, or online during your initial registration..

Where can I find competition details?

Competition Rules and Regulations, as well as required Waivers will be posted on the competitions section of our website.

Are other (non-competition) dance scholarships available?

Yes! If you are interested in pursuing a scholarship, either to attend Rose City Blues, to participate in the competition, or to pursue blues dancing in Portland, please email us at for a scholarship application. Please see our scholarship information.

Join the Rose City Team

How do I become an instructor?

We are not currently taking instructor applications for this upcoming Rose City Blues. However, RCB is an annual event. If you are interested in instructing in the future, email

How do I become a DJ? Can I bring my live act to RCB?

We may still be accepting new DJ and Live Act applicants. If you are interested in DJing or performing, please email our DJ and Live Music coordinators at:

How do I sign up to be a volunteer?

We may still be accepting new volunteer applicants. If you are interested in volunteering, email our volunteer coordinator at

I just have ideas! Who do I talk to?

Awesome! Talk to us in person at our weekly blues dance or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

Website Design & Other Questions

I love your website design! Who did it?

Lacey Van Nortwick designed our website, and she did a truly spectacular job of it. You can find contact info or check out more of her work at her website:

Will there be food at Rose City Blues?

Yes! More TBD. If you would like to donate food or have ideas, please email us at

Can I get housing?

We plan to house people to the best of our ability. Sign up through registration. If you have questions, email