RCB will take place November 4th-6th, 2016

Just like previous years, we will be using Open Dance for registration. You are encouraged to make your profile ahead of time for faster registration.
Last year, Tier 1 tickets sold out in the first few days!

Click Here for the Registration Site

Your payment options are PayPal and Dwolla..
(We’re unable to accept checks.)

Dwolla’s fee is much lower than that of Paypal or other similar payment platforms. Getting your Dwolla account setup takes a bit, but we would really appreciate your taking the time to make one. Every penny you save us is another that can be put towards scholarships and improving your overall experience. Please head over to to set up your account! Thank you!

Door Registration Pricing

Full Access Passes include all workshops, lunch, all the dances (including all the live acts!), snacks during the day and night, and a late night meal.

Dance Only Passes include all the dances (including all the live acts), night snacks, and a late night meal. Dance Only passes are more limited and may be cut short depending on the sale of Full Passes.

-All Access - $225
-Dance Only - $100

Classes will be held during the day on Saturday and Sunday.
Dances run from 9 PM until 5 AM, Fri/Sat/Sun, with live music each night.

Also, this year's Saturday night theme is...

Spies Among Us: Break out the spy gear -- tuxes, trench coats, irresistible charm -- and be transported into a mid-century world at the apex of international espionage.

Door A la Carte Pricing

Thinking of paying at the door for the dances? We will accept cash and cards, but cannot take checks.

-Workshops Full Day - Fri $60, Sat $80, Sun $60
-Workshops Before Lunch - Sat $50, Sun $50
-Workshops After Lunch - Sat $40, Sun $20
-Dance Full Night - Fri $35, Sat $40, Sun $35
-Dance Late Late Night (starting 12am): $20 every night
-Non-Dancers Music Pass (until 12am) - Fri $10, Sat $12, Sun $10


Thank you for considering donating to our event! Your cash donations will used to fund the scholarships we offer to dancers in need. In the past, we have been able to provide more scholarships than originally planned for, in large part due to your generosity! There will be an option for registrants and other interested patrons to donate to our scholarship fund. Every $134 raised will allow Rose City Blues to offer one more scholarship. For more information on our scholarships, please see the next section.

No event is complete without good food, and Rose City Blues aims to please. Portland is known for its excellent coffee, fun restaurants and eclectic food carts- attendees of RCB will have the opportunity to experience all three! Rose City Blues is a community event above all else, as such any and all donations are welcome. Food (especially coffee!) and paper goods (napkins, cups and the like) are always needed. Any donation made to Rose City Blues is completely tax deductible and greatly appreciated! For more info, please contact us at


As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the Portland Blues and Jazz Dance Society (PB&J) is dedicated to spreading knowledge about blues dancing and to supporting dance competition. As a part of PB&J, Rose City Blues is able to extend significant scholarships to those otherwise unable to participate.

Rose City Blues is able to offer up to twelve (12) workshop passes for low-income dancers dedicated to furthering their training in blues dancing. Scholarship recipients will pay $65 (the cost of a dance-only pass) and receive a full weekend pass. There will be an option for registrants and other interested patrons to donate to our scholarship fund. Every $134 raised allows Rose City Blues to offer one additional scholarship. There is no limit to the number of scholarships which may be offered. Any donor contributing $50 or more will have the option to be recognized for their generosity. Donations are accepted during the registration process or anytime after your registration is completed. If you would like to contribute, but aren’t going to be registering for this event, please contact us at

Dancers applying for scholarships are required to fill out an application explaining their financial need, their current experience and training as a blues dancer, and what motivates them to attend the weekend workshops at RCB. Scholarship recipients will be expected to attend a minimum of seven out of ten workshops through the event.

Click here to apply for a scholarship

By applying you indicate your understanding that the scholarship covers the workshops to be taught at Rose City Blues, and that if you receive the scholarship you will still be responsible to pay the value of a dance-only pass ($65) for Rose City Blues. You agree to attend at least 7 out of the 10 workshops available. Additionally, you agree to allow Rose City Blues and the Portland Blues and Jazz Dance Society to use any and all materials provided above as they deem appropriate.